My Portfolio

Thanks for your interest, here you'll find examples of my work - by no means every project - with explanations of how I went about solving particular problems. Usability is a sprawling discipline and I'm not for a moment going to detail all of the tools and methods I use, because:
a) There are books about this stuff, which are better equipped than a portfolio to describe them
b) Things like psychometric and ethnographic evaluation are interesting to very few people
c) Each project is different from the last, with different approaches needed each time

So regard these as tasters, a little view in to my working life, and if you want to see more then view my My Clients Page, which has a full collection of links to the end results of my work.

If you want to view this portfolio in PDf format then click here: Offline Portfolio (PDF) 2.5mb

Wireframing for Bentley Motors

I was contracted to redesign the Bentley Motors website as part of a major rebrand aiming to reposition the company as more aspirational, contemporary and fashionable. The design was to be both desktop and mobile accessible, which meant the removal of a great deal of preconceived plug-in interaction and a complete redesign of previous UX documentation.

Storyboading for Intel

Intel have created several games to showcase their products and services, one of these is a series of IT Manager titles, the fourth such game was provisionally called IT Manager 4, and was to be based on card playing games. I was bought on to create the game interaction, the flows and user journeys and of course help shape the UI.

User Cases for DWP

The DWP were bringing all of the UK benefits online as part of the Directgov web portal (now just I was bought in to replace the lead UX designer who was coming to the end of her contract. My first priority was to analyse and push back on the existing design, which proved to have been created by rigorously following existing office based protocols; naturally they did not work well in a digital environment, but as these systems were tried and tested there was considerable resistance to changing them. Part of my duty then was to get the stakeholders to start thinking digitally.

Mobile App Design for Barclays

I was originally bought in to help establish best practice UX within the UK Retail and Business Banking digital department (UK ROLB), with particular focus on the Bank's mobile offerings. As part of my contract I was tasked with evaluating and driving forward both the BMB and Pingit app designs, which were being handled outside of the Bank by a third party agency, this had led to a lack of consistency due to being passed through the hands of several different designers as needs required and had some very basic usability errors, where style had overcome substance.

Responsive Web App for Barclays

Barclays offer their customers the ability to personalise their debit card with their own photos, unfortunately their initial application for doing this was created in Flash and wasn’t suitable for mobile access. I was asked to redesign the application for mobile devices using HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. This was a relatively new concept for the stakeholders and lot of explanatory discussions were needed to explain mobile vs. desktop, especially over scaling, swiping and the concept of the page-fold being superfluous.

User Reseach for Peugeot

Peugeot wanted to make the move from a wide range of national sites to one global brand. I was bought on to help research the pitfalls and high points of this strategy as it pertained to the UK market. There are major differences between nations; I doubt for instance that many in the UK even know that Peugeot make motorcycles, while German labels simply would not fit in to the real estate offered in English speaking sites. They needed real data to make their decisions.

Lean UX for Land Rover

Land Rover are of course a globally known brand, with a longevity that few can rival. They are not however known for their digital presence. This was a challenge taken up by Ogilvy, who created an entire digital vision piece utilizing the best of current interaction and engagement models. I was bought on, firstly to ensure that this vision was met but secondly as I'm well versed in working Lean UX for Agile.