My Clients

I have been fortunate enough to work with some extremely well known brands and, if the truth were known, I'm not entirely certain how that happened, it certainly wasn't a conscious decision on my part, it's just the way the cards fell. It has however been an incredible experience and I've learnt so much from working with stakeholders at every level of organisation that the benefits to both myself and my new clients would be hard to quantify.

After years of freelance consulting I'm now permenantly employed at Saint Gobain, where the chance to build and embed Human Centred Design from scratch was just too good to pass up.

If you want to see examples of my work then view my My Portfolio Page, which highlights some of my work and projects.

Saint Gobain

Saint Gobain own so much of the global building supply chain it's amazing how little they are known. In the UK, where digital and building materials are not the most natural of partners, Saint Gobain were creating their first cross-brand digital division and were determined to ensure that their end customers, be it small traders or large scale housing builders were the focus of their stratgey. To this end they bought on Julie Kennedy as User Experience Director and her first hire was me. Together we've built the Experience Design Team from scratch and have ensured that all product and service design for every brand is at the heart fo every decision.

- Creation of UCD based 5 year vision
- UX strategy creation and implementation
- First cross-brand, UK wide ecommerce platform design
- Innovation team liason leading to AI Chatbot and VanStock building app design and creation
- Day-to-day team lead


Placed by Explore Group

Nationwide were going through a large transformation program (aren't they all?), and needed somebody with hands-on Agile methodology experience as well as somebody who could run with both user research and product design to ensure that the next generation of banking app was fit for prpose on launch.

- Implementation of both lab and guerrila testing
- App IA and prototyping
- Agile and Lean UX implementation
- UX workshops and mentoring
- Senior Stakeholder Management t


Placed by Computer Futures.

Sparx are breaking new ground with their educational products and services. They are unashamedly hard-science driven and utilise an incredible data driven process to produce bespoke learning plans tailored to each and every individual student's needs and abilities. The features and functions of their software are as innovative as they are rich and their growth is a testament to that. They were already taking into good user feedback from both students and teachers but had no way of rationalising and formalising it, which is where I came in.

- Implementation of lab based usability testing
- UX strategy implementation
- Agile UX implementation
- UX workshops and mentoring
- Senior Stakeholder Management


Mazda - Global Website Redesign - UX Lead for SYZYGY.

Mazda wanted to build on their existing global brand and had invested in extensive usability and market research. They had a design direction they wanted to take to join up the different approaches that different counties had taken and an engagement model that was extremlely well thought out; they just needed someone to bring it together.

- Multicultural Stakeholder Management
- Highlevel UX strategy
- Conceptual redesign of multiple pages and components
- UX liason with UI Design, Dev and Content
- Storyboarding
- User Journeys
- User Journeys
- Scamping and lo-fi wireframing
- Prototyping
- UX Team lead

Warwick University

Warwick University is supported by its own IT Services department, giving both non-academic and academic staff as well as students access to a vast array of CMS functions and IDM functions and features through their bespoke web applications. Although there is an excellent understanding of the theories behind UX there were no formalized procedures in place to ensure that the needs of the user were being met. I was bought in to rectify this before the arrival of permanent UX staff and to provide insight into the engagement and UI patterns within the web application development process. Placed by LA International

- Provide best-of-breed UX solutions to stakeholders and Agile development team
- Creation of UX artefacts:
-- User Journeys
-- Axure Wireframes and Prototypes
-- Interaction Designs
- Introduced Lean UX principles
- Created multiservice, multi-device heuristic evaluation guidelines
-- Updated and expanded web-application style guides
-- Created Guerilla UX testing guidelines and mobile testing lab criteria
- Creation of UX artefacts:
--User Journeys
--Axure Wireframes and Prototypes
--Interaction Designs


Jaguar - Full UX and Interaction Design for Spark44.

Jaguar has an enviable award winning website, and Jaguar are constantly striving to maintain that situation. I was bought on originally to redesign the Configurator section of the website, but was quickly moved on to the Jaguar Digital Experience team to enhance their web services, with a particular focus on the mobile usage which has grown significantly since it originally went live. In addition to this I also successfully introduced a Transformation Program to move the print and broadcast teams over to to digital thinking and introduced them to Agile principles to ensure integration with existing digital production.

- Introduction of Lean UX into Agile Development
- Conceptual redesign of the Jaguar Configurator
- Conceptual redesign of Mobile and Tablet Navigation and Content Handling
- Design of multiple web components and processes
- Consultant on Responsive and Adaptive strategies
- User Journeys
- Short-Form and Long-Form Annotated Wireframing
- Senior Stakeholder Management
- Transformation Program Design and Implementation

Land Rover

Land Rover - Full UX and Interaction Design for Ogilvy One, placed by Adam.

Land Rover wanted to have an entire new digital image, not just reflecting their range and heritage, which obviously is enormous, but also showcasing the design and innovation they have. As the Lead UX on one of three Agile teams I was bought in to ensure that this vision was secured and that users of different ambitions and abilities were not just fully engaged in the content and interactions but also that the journeys were simple and rewarding.

- Introduction of Lean UX
- Design of multiple web components and processes
- Consultant on Responsive and Adaptive strategies
- User Journeys
- Annotated Wireframing
- Prototype construction
- Senior Stakeholder Management


Betfair - Interaction and IA design, placed by Digital Gurus.

A new digital rebrand is currently underway and to complement this I was bought on in to rationalise the on-going improvement process and ensure user engagement is maintained and increased not just in the games but in the underlying systems that support them.

- Consultant on moves to full responsive design
- Redesign of registration process with particular emphasis on mobile
- User Journeys
- Use case reviews and implementation
- Prototype construction
- Assist and advise with e-commerce UX

Barclays UK Retail and Business Banking

Barclays - Full desktop, .mobi and app designs placed by Reed professional services.

Originally taken on to rationalise and drive the mobile User Experience Strategy for Barclays' Mobile offerings (Pingit and BMB) and web presence (Barclays UK Retail and Business Banking, both desktop and .mobi), I concluded my time by taking on perhaps the most ambitious project I've ever attempted; a complete mobile first redesign of the entire system to make it touch friendly and of course fully responsive.

- User Research
- Pattern Libraries
- Cross Device Designs
- HTML5 and CSS3 usage
- Persona Creation and Documentation
- User Journey Creation and Documentation
- Desktop to .Mobi Transitional Journeys
- Mobile App Interaction Documentation
- Axure Wireframe Templating
- Consulting, Reporting and Admin Structures
- Creating the underlying technical responsive design structures: Grids, breakpoints, content area flow points and interaction behaviours.


User testing for Peugeot - at EHS 4D Digital designing, running and documenting user testing sessions, placed by e-synergy.

Peugeot wanted to create a global brand image but needed to test how the brand designs would play-out in different markets. I was bought on to help design and run the User testing sessions.

- Protype creation for testing - Card sorting exercises
- Multivarient site testing
- Taxonomy and site navigation comprehension
- UI design and preferences - Acted as both Facilitator and Observer - Full reporting and recommendations

Lloyds TSB

User Experience Consultant for Lloyds TSB - for LBi placed by Ecom.

Working on several projects for the secure banking area.

- Wireframing
- User Journeys
- Rationales


User experience designer for Bentley Motors - with Connect-Group helping Bentley move from being perceived as an old fashioned if high quality automotive specialists to a high quality, desirable and fashionable brand, placed by Arrows Group.

Full Interaction design, wireframing and prototyping cross-platform and device using HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery - really nice project!


Senior IA/UX for Intel on two projects with MRMLondon (now MRM Meteorite) placed by e-synergy.

IT Manager IV game

Complete lifecycle UX, from initial concept through to delivery, creating new Social Networking features and Mobile Accessible Interfaces as well as increasing game play elements such as multiplayer and multilevel interaction.

Entire site interaction and system flow, from comms, features (leaderboards etc), game component and profile management and mobile accessibility.

Network builder

Bluesky application allowing novices to build complex computer networks by comparing options and building a virtual network and highlighting technology needs, options and of course costs

Department of Works and Pensions

IXD/UXD for Department of Works and Lead UXD on the Department for Works and Pensions Pathfinder Project, placed by Capita Resourcing.

This mammoth system, covering all of the UK's benefits, was designed to sit within Directgov (now just gov) as an account accessible Portal Application where users (customers in DWP terms) could interact with their entire UK Benefits account.

- Complete detailed system wide wireframe designs (lo-fi leading to hi-fi)
- Integration of heuristic and workshop-based requirements (including personas, scenarios and user journeys)
- Creation of sitemaps
- Functional specifications
- Prototyping

Addendum: Despite successful trials the system has been replaced by the new Universal Benefits System, which uses many of the same elements and patterns.


The links in this section are included to reference my past experience only, the original sites were created - but are no longer maintained - by me as such I make no claims on the existing designs or user experience.

Lead UI and UX for full project lifecycle deliverables on:

- South West Grid for Learning
- East Midlands Grid for Learning
- Learning in Liverpool
- Manchester Learning Community
- Ramesys Online Shop
- NetLinc